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Radiant, she is in love with the sun and their eternal dance.

Wear the Moon! The Crescent Moon Necklace by CLARK is a one-of-a-kind 18k Gold Vermeil necklace. Hand-crafted metal flowers hang from a dainty chain, like a waxing moon - the delicate blooms in full expression are a brilliant counterpart to the links of outlined petals. An adjustable hook allows for the necklace to be worn loose as pictured, or tighter as a choker. Versatile, like the moon itself, this is a perfect keepsake for an occasion, a wedding or a celebration. Paired with the CLARK Rosary Earrings, they become a beautiful coordinated set. 


18K Gold Vermeil
Adjustable clasp

Care information

To help preserve the beauty of your vermeil jewelry, it is important to remove it before engaging in activities that may expose it to moisture or chemicals, such as bathing, showering, swimming, or applying perfume, hairspray, or lotion.

Additionally, it is a good idea to avoid wearing vermeil jewelry while exercising, as sweating can cause the gold plating to tarnish more quickly.

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