Founded in 2020, CLARK jewelry is a collection of original adornments that celebrate storytelling and sculptural form designed to be heirlooms for everyday wear and occasion. The collections wed poetry and surrealism with thoughtful craft. 

Founder & Principal Designer Zoe Clark is a self-taught jewelry artist creating special hand-made pieces out of her studio in Brooklyn, NY. Each jewel is delicately sculpted and formed out of wax and then cast using the lost-wax casting method.

Clark looks to poetry, folklore and myth for endless inspiration. She is fascinated with stories about the primordial, paradise, madness, and death and uses the symbology and strangeness of the stories she loves most to create her own sculptural talismans. Often she is drawn to narratives of power and transformation and hopes to bring this inner mystery, devotion and strength to the wearer of her jewels.